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About Us

The Euroceltic Institute was founded in Cincinnati, USA to serve the full body of the Celtic community worlwide and further its legitimate aspirations.

It is a nonprofit foundation 501(C)3 and all memberships/donation & gifts are tax deductible on US taxes.

EuroCeltic Institute's mission is to honor and platform the scholars in all disciplines related to Euro Celtic studies.

From scholastic research, to verifiable publications the EuroCeltic Institute will be the among the more reliable sources for all things Celtic.

With contributions from hundreds of scholars worldwide to our Wikipedia initiaitve, our online library of verified uneditable publications and initiatives funded by patrons interested in Celtic projects, the Institute intends to be at the forfornt of the surging popularity of Celtic history.

Contact Information

To contact us;
Ray Carr
President, Euroceltic Institute
3057 Saddleback drive
Cincinnati OH 45244
Tel 513-232-3757